Introducing Addison!





This is Addison, my eldest child. She is strong willed and assertive. She knows what she likes and won’t put up with anything less, let alone the time it takes to rectify the situation. She is somewhat of a clean freak; a whole meal can be ruined if she feels her hands are too dirty. She loves to sing but only when no one else is singing, or watching. She makes the funniest faces and I love every single one of them. She is very cautious and not too sure about trying new things. Like her mommy she hates not being in control. She loves being the caretaker, cheering us on when we go potty and making sure all her dollies go to sleep. She’s not too fond – ok, she hates meeting new people, but once she warms up, she will love you forever.

One of my biggest fears through all this is that Addison will somehow feel left behind, or that we love her less. I worry what this whole ordeal will do to her. I worry that we will neglect her or not give her enough of what she needs. I worry that my whole life will be consumed by the medical condition and my two children, my family, will become secondary.

Tonight when I put her to bed, she patted me on the belly and said “baby sister” for the first time. And then I asked if she would give baby a kiss and she kissed my belly. “I love you baby, nite nite” she says. We are going to be fine.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Addison!”

  1. Miss Addidon is adorable! What a sensible girl she is, keeping a wary eye on the cuzzie she hadn’t didn’t know until she figured it all out for herself. She was up for a nite- nite cuddle and a sweet goodnight peek and wave from each step up to the nursery in a Gretel Von Trapp kind of way šŸ˜‰ I see a loving older sister there!
    Wishing the Calgary Player family a lovely weekend ā¤


  2. Sweet little Addison šŸ™‚ She will never ever feel neglected and will always feel loved because you guys are amazing parents. Plus, there is an abundance of love, hugs, and kisses from all the aunties and uncles too!


  3. I used to feel the same way about Devin especially with all the extra care we have to give Ryan. But you know, you will love them both equally fiercely albeit in different ways because they’re different people. You will love learning their differences and Addy will learn to care for her little sister’s needs and think it’s perfectly normal. The very fact that you’re worries you’ll leave Addy behind shows that you won’t because you’re already aware of it. You’ll be good šŸ™‚


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