Donkey Kong

Why is it that all the foods I crave this pregnancy also the foods that give me the worst heartburn? Chips and salsa, chocolate, cheese buns. Even regular foods like white rice causes the tightness in my chest and the burny burpy feeling in my throat. It’s only the start of 18 weeks and every night I sleep with 3 pillows piled up. Pretty soon I’m going to have to build some sort harness to strap myself to the wall so I can sleep standing up. Old wives tales suggests that if you have heartburn during your pregnancy then your baby will have lots of hair. This little one must be a gorilla.

I haven’t mentioned yet but a week ago I started feeling baby gorilla moving around. Quite a bit actually. It feels a little bit as if baby gorilla is using the placenta as a tire swing. Oops accidentally hit the wall again.

“Oh you think I’m an over active gorilla mommy? Oh it’s on. On like donkey kong”

Baby is going to read this in 20 years and ask “mommy who is donkey kong?”


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