Drumroll please….

Yesterday while I was at work, I got a call from EFW with baby’s genetic testing results.


This is fantastic news. Now we know that other than BWS (which we won’t know for sure until after baby is born), our baby does not have any genetic disorders. The nurse who called said it best: “now we just have the pesky omphalocele to deal with.”

Well not quite but it sure feels like we are leaping over some big hurdles here. We will be going to our 18 week ultrasound tomorrow. This is where they do some more detailed measurements of baby’s internal organs to see if everything is developing normally. I am pretty anxious about this one, although to be honest I am pretty anxious for all tests now. But for today I will just be happy and relish in the normal genetics results. For today I will celebrate another complication crossed off our list.


One thought on “Drumroll please….”

  1. That’s one more hurdle over then. Such good news. Will be thinking of you for your scan tomorrow and hoping for more good news from that.


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