Giving thanks

As the thanksgiving weekend comes to a close, I just wanted to jot down a short list of things that I am so thankful for that happened only over this weekend. Something I realized reading my blog is that it feels bleak and confusing in a way because it is so focused on the big scary things in our lives. But the little things – the things that really make life worth living – gets neglected. I am going to put more effort to be thankful for the little things in life, and a bit of effort to share that with you as well.

– I am thankful to have a happy healthy family and having the luxury to spend time with them
– I am thankful to have great hosts and dear friends that provided amazing company and delicious food for thanksgiving this year, enabling me to just relax instead of stressing over the turkey
– I am thankful how great the kids played together, with the older children taking Addison under their wing
– I am thankful to have a wonderful note of encouragement in my Facebook messenger this morning written by a good friend who took what little sleeping hours she has to write me
– I am thankful that Addison seems to have less of a fear of rides just in time for Disney World
– I am thankful for the bounty we got this year from our green house – this weekend Mark pulled out the last of the carrots
– I am thankful our wonderful city has such great venues and museums to visit

Hope everyone in Canada had a good thanksgiving weekend with friends and family!


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