Unique sense of comfort

Today at work they had a flu shot clinic. When I went in for my shot, it was the last place I expected to talk about baby and her omph. But it just came up because the nurse asked about how my pregnancy was going. So when I said “well we found out our baby has an omphalocele”, the nurse very casually responded with “oh, yup”.

Turns out she is a senior nurse at the children’s hospital. She went on to mention how omphaloceles are fixable, and that Dr. Eccles (the doctor we are seeing on Friday and I hope is our surgeon) is amazing.

Funny thing is I have heard all this before from multiple different sources. But somehow, coming from a stranger and her casual response made me feel really comforted. I don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with how her tone was so relaxed and so conversational, kind of like “oh yah, lots of kids are born with green eyes”. Her eyebrows didn’t furrow, her voice didn’t change. She just made me feel like – it ain’t no thing, we got this.

So if you are reading this, sweet nurse from Calgary children’s hospital, unit 2, thank you for brightening my day!


4 thoughts on “Unique sense of comfort”

  1. Hi Jessica, my name is Courtney, I actually live across the street from you, but don’t know that I’ve actually ever had the chance to talk to you. Mark told me about your blog, so I’ve been reading it, and just want you to know how inspired I am by your strength and your willingness to choose LIFE! I am praying for you and your precious baby girl. Take care, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet you in person soon.


    1. Thanks Courtney, and yes I’ve talked to your husband a few times but funny how it just hasn’t lined up for us to chat! Next time I see you and the kiddos out in the yard I will come by ๐Ÿ™‚


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