Information overload – part 1

Today baby, hubby and I had a big day. We had two different appointments – one with the high risk OB GYN and then one consult with paediatric surgery. So much information. I’m going to split the post in two since I’m getting sleepy and it’s hard to write this and watch tv at the same time.

The appointment we had with the high risk OB was more of a meet and greet. She gave us some information about where we will be delivering (Foothills) and what we should do if there is any emergencies (go to Foothills labour and delivery) and what we are in for from now until the point of delivery.

For now, we will have appointments with the high risk maternal on a schedule similar to the regular maternal doctor. Each time I go in, though, I will have an ultrasound. At around 36 weeks, we will probably be going in once a week for an ultrasound. The goal is to keep baby in her house as long as possible without me going into labour. The weekly ultrasounds is to see how baby is liking it in there and whether or not I am heading towards labour. This makes me really nervous. Addison was born 2 weeks early, and at 32 weeks I had pre-term labour. Addison also came from first labour pangs to first cries within 2 hours. That girl, impatient right from the get go. Anyway, my new big worry is that I’m going to go into labour because I keep remembering all the “better camp out at the hospital parking lot” jokes from the nurses last time. I am imagining going into labour at home while hubby is at work and the ambulance doesn’t get to me on time. Better plan for my dad to come in early March.

The reason why they don’t want me to go into labour is because they want to have the most controlled delivery possible – meaning c-section. This is because the surgical team is going to put a lot of pressure on the delivery team to keep the omphalocele sac in tact. More on that tomorrow. The c-section will mean that I will have recovery time at one hospital while my baby is whisked away to another (Children’s). The doctor said that recovery time for scheduled c-sections can be pretty quick when it is in such a controlled environment, but I think any amount of time will be hard.

The doctor also reassured us that if there is something wrong with the heart, it is probably not one of the really extreme conditions that needs to be dealt with right at birth. Of course they still need more information, but that’s good to hear.

The high risk clinic has 4 doctors on rotation – so I may see any one of the four, depending who is in the clinic, and then one of the 4 will deliver baby, depending on who is on call. One thing I like is that even if I have pregnancy unrelated issues (for example Addison had pink eye and I’m paranoid of getting it), the doctor said I can come in to see them at the clinic instead of trying to make a family doctor appointment. I am hopeful now that I am going to have more consistent care moving forward.

Well, this is where we are with my care. Part two tomorrow will be more about baby and her care.


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