A family distraction

This week the family took a little getaway and went to the happiest place on earth – Disney World! It was a welcome distraction after a couple of big appointments and before we head into another big one when we get back.

This was a wonderful trip for us to spend some quality family time together and give Addison some attention overload. She got to meet a lot of characters and princesses, ride a lot of rides and see a lot of shows. She was so good in the shops, never once throwing a tantrum for a toy. Of course things didn’t go perfectly. Meeting characters was definitely a challenge – with Addison trying to bust through the line to meet them, only to cry and hide the whole time she got to meet them. Only then to turn around and say “I miss him” once our turn was over.


Well I guess the one big hiccup is that Addison has had a high fever for going on 3 days now. While in Florida we took her into urgent care where they did some swabs and also a chest x-ray to see if she has enterovirus D-68. American healthcare is very different from Canadian healthcare. Far more swabs and tests. It would be nice if in Canada they would just do a flu swab so that nervous mommies like me can get some answers quickly. It must eliminate a lot of the guessing game. I am not saying I would give up Canadian universal health care for the American system, especially knowing new baby will require major surgeries and potentially a long hospital stay. Being in the States without benefit of a good health insurance plan might very well bankrupt us in this situation. I’m just commenting more on the difference in culture. I think that in the acute situation, if you had the means, it would be more comforting to have as many tests as possible, to know everything possible to know. But in the big, long term picture I am so thankful to be a Canadian citizen. During our surgical consult, doctor told us that in America, there are a lot (relatively speaking of course) of babies that are born with omphaloceles that they didn’t know about because mommy didn’t have the chance to go and get prenatal care. I don’t think that we would have been in that situation, we likely would have health insurance, or have some way to get the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for baby’s treatment. But it’s comforting to just not think about it at all. We have enough to worry about.

Addison seems to be doing ok, by the way. Just much more cranky and fussy. Her fever breaks easily with Tylenol but also comes back pretty aggressively as the Tylenol wears off. We won’t know if it is enterovirus until Tuesday but she has no breathing issues. The x-ray does show a small lung infection but we don’t know if it is bacterial or viral. We did learn that she is really nervous of doctors now – probably particularly because she was already not feeling well. She threw a full on fit every time the doctor or nurse even just walked through the door. With all the doctor appointments we will have in the future, we probably will need to somehow ease her fears. Disney Junior has a tv show called Doc McStuffins. I think this will be the next show that we will expose Addison to so that we can have a cute cuddly reference point when we meet doctors – whether for herself or her sister.

Overall, even though part of our trip was spent worrying and fussing over Addison’s fever, I am extremely grateful for this extra ordinary trip to spoil our little girl. She might not remember when she is older, but I sure will and seeing this happy face makes it all worthwhile



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