Well that was pointless

Today I had another ultrasound. This was one of the standard ones with the OB-GYN appointments. I was frustrated to learn that it was with the doctor that I wrote about a while ago that casually handled the termination conversation at our 18 week ultrasound. It all went downhill from there.

The way these appointments are set up is that we go into the ultrasound, then I see the doctor for a checkup and to go over the ultrasound. We are supposed to talk about how baby is growing and if there is anything that has progressed one way or another. Well today the appointment went like this:

Um have I met you yet? Oh was I doing radiology that day or something? The report isn’t ready yet. So I guess we will just go over it the next time you are in here. Umm so from last report they see heart problems. Did you know about that? Did you talk to cardiologist? Did you talk to surgeon? Did you schedule your next ECHO yet? Well ok I guess we will schedule the next appointment for 3 weeks from now after your next ECHO.

I don’t understand. The whole point of having the antenatal docs at the ultrasound place is so that they can see the report after they do the ultrasound before meeting with me. It had worked fine at the last appointment, and after our ECHO as well. Was this doctor just in such a rush that she couldn’t wait another 15 minutes for the report to print out? Was it a scheduling glitch? Also, why did she ask me all the questions that were already in my chart? Could she not have read my chart before speaking to me? That might have given the ultrasound report time to be ready. Also no questions about the visit to the hospital, or the Braxton Hicks that I brought up at the beginning of the appointment. Today was definitely one of those days where I felt just completely brushed aside.

Anyway, it is what it is. Hopefully if there was anything serious on the ultrasound above and beyond what we already knew they will call us. By the next appointment, we will have had an MRI, and an ECHO plus ultrasound. The reports should all be ready because the appointment we have with the doc is 2 days after the ECHO. That day we will also meet with genetics again as well as NICU doctors. I’m not sure if it’s just the frustration talking but I don’t really have any hopes for this next appointment. Don’t get me wrong, I am still hoping for the best possible outcome for my baby. I just mean that for the next appointment I don’t have any expectations that we will learn anything one way or another. I am sure the next 3 weeks will change my mood, and put into perspective that I have had many informative and thorough appointments as opposed to rushed and frustrating ones, but as of today I feel pretty frustrated and down.

Today wasn’t a total waste though, here is another picture of our baby and her omph. This pic out of all of the ones we have gotten really shows the omph well and provides a much more clear picture of what it looks like and its relative size to baby. In typical fashion, little baby was dancing about all appointment, but she stopped for this picture and even gave a little wave to the camera right when they took this shot. Her hand is the little blob right above her forehead. 👋



4 thoughts on “Well that was pointless”

  1. How frustrating! Sometimes I hear stories of doctors like this and I can’t believe it. It’s as if some doctors need an extra amount of training to learn how to speak to people and do their job appropriately!


  2. Sorry you had to deal with such frustration. Unfortunately, bedside manners don’t seem to be standard these days. On the bright side, little baby is beautiful! Omph and all!!!


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