Weekly gratitude review

This week I want to focus my gratitude on all the ways we communicate on a regular basis and for special occasions:

Thanks for all the snail mail we have received over the month. I love getting mail and having the option of sending cards, presents and photos to loved ones. No thanks though to the crazy delivery prices for packages. I know that it’s hard times for you Canada Post, but it really blows when mailing a package costs 4x more than the contents itself.

Which brings me to the next point – thanks to all the services that provide world wide delivery so that we can order stuff online and it will just get to the destinations we want it to – oftentimes free of charge or for a minor fee. Speaking of which, thank you spud.ca for organic food delivery service to our door on a weekly basis. It has really cut down on time required for doing regular chores and guarantees that we have good food in our home. I anticipate you will be even more important in the coming months. I found a place called Mamaluv.com that delivers healthy cooked meals to your door. Will have to check that one out as well in the next little while.

Thanks to all the social media platforms I use to keep in touch. I don’t know how many of my friends that I may not have been as close to if not for Facebook. And I get a little bit of a high on the days my blog gets lots of hits because I know one of you took the time to catch up.

Finally thanks to all of you – because communication channels would be meaningless without all of you fantastic people to communicate with.


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