Ringing in the new year

I write this post as the year is about to turn the page on 2014 and ring in the new year. I face this year with fears and trepidation but also trying to hang onto hope and excitement for our growing family. This year my only real resolution is to remember to take the long view and remember what a blessing we have coming into our lives in the new year. For the last four months we have lived day by day, trying to make sure we are ready to make it through this upcoming year. I haven’t always let myself be excited about my little baby’s future, or excited about her coming into this family, so as we get closer to the birth of our second child, and as the news has started getting better for us, I am going to try to reintroduce those feelings of excitedness and happiness come back. We truly are quite lucky with what the situation looks like right now. As it stands baby will have a perfectly healthy life once she goes through her surgeries. It’s going to be exciting to see my two babes bond and become best friends. It’s going to be fun to see the two of them have daddy wrapped around their little fingers.

I was watching a show of a family on television going through some hard times and the mom said something very wise so I am going to steal it and paraphrase: We certainly don’t want to be going through what we are going through, but these trials make us a stronger and closer family, and makes us appreciate everything so much more. This is our motto for the year. We will be stronger and closer and things will be fine.


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