Weekly gratitude review

I think we found the food that Addison will eat. She loves her daddy’s rotisserie chicken with cranberry sauce. Thank goodness we found something. It’s not the easiest to make but at least she will eat it.

Speaking of Addison I am so thankful that I had missy first. My dad used to say that he made all his mistakes on me and then he had my brother. I don’t think he meant he made no mistakes with my brother, but I get his point. We had so many anxieties and unnecessary stress when we were pregnant with our first, and then after she was born. There were so many blogs and “expert advice” on everything. When she cries in her crib are we letting her cry too much or not enough? Did we not carry Addison enough? Did carrying her out facing make her over stimulated? Did she watch too much TV? Did we start her on solids too late? Wean her from breast milk too early? Did dropping her on her head damage her forever?

The motto we live by now really is whatever works. Every child is different. Every family is different. As much as I am envious of moms that have the ability to show endless love and patience in entertaining their little ones, I know that I will never be that. But I am learning that it isn’t about how well we follow the parenting guides. It’s not about how many tantrums my kid might have in public compared to another kid, how well she naps (good sometimes), how well she eats (not that good). Its not about whether or not she has ever fallen down the stairs (yes she has). It’s about how much her mommy and daddy loves her and helps her grow up to be a well balanced, caring and loving individual with good self esteem. All we want is for our children to be happy and healthy. However we get there, that’s the right way.

I am so lucky that my baby who will have a few more medical challenges is my second born. I cannot imagine having the anxieties of the long hospital stay added onto the anxieties of being a new parent. I know that it is impossible to have no anxieties, no matter what our children’s situations are, anxiety comes with the territory of being a parent. But at least I have had some first hand experience that these babies are so resilient and amazing. And whatever works will work.


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