What a difference two months make

Today baby, omph and I went for our second MRI. This MRI was so hard on my body. It is so crazy how much difference two months of pregnancy makes to a woman’s body. When it comes to my body I am fairly clueless. I don’t always hear all the quiet signs or incessant nagging that something is wrong. I always found that I can slowly deteriorate or improve in health and I won’t notice until some sort of before/after comparison. I never thought that an MRI would do that. Here is a list of changes I noticed today. Of course this is by no means a scientific measurement since I have no real clue whether the two MRI’s are exactly the same, but here is the list anyway.

– shortness of breath. During the first MRI I could just hold my breath no problem. This time I am pretty sure I had to take breaths before it was time to take breaths. I am pretty sure that meant more of my pictures had to be redone.

– flexibility. Lying there my hip started really aching. I know that my hips have gotten really stiff. Even with all the propping up the knees from the MRI tech there was no denying the range of motion of my hips has significantly decreased. Getting off the MRI machine was very tough. My hips and knees were really really stiff.

– blood flow. I think my blood flow has decreased. I know that lying on my back at this stage is not the best. I knew I would feel a little bit faint, but I wasn’t expecting my arm to fall asleep. I probably wouldn’t have been able to squeeze the little ball to get help even if I needed to.

– general fitness. I never thought that I would feel exhausted from lying on my back breathing on cue. But I was gasping for air and feeling very sweaty. My heart was beating pretty quick too. Maybe this one has more to do with the miniature MRI machine I was in. Who knows.

I have really not taken good enough physical care of myself and today really kind of proved that to me. I have started doing some stretching but everything caught up on me so fast. My legs feel tired walking up a simple flight of stairs. My back is in a lot of pain lately. As much as I need little baby and her omph to stay in their baby house for as long as possible, I also look forward to not carrying this extra weight. Two more months…two more months…


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