Weekly gratitude review – nom nom nom edition

The fam jam took a trip to Vancouver this weekend. This will be the last trip we will have for likely a year or so. It was great to get to see family and friends as well as have some great food along the way:

For my cousin who put us up – it was great to see Addison warm up to her cuzzies albeit near the end of the trip. We are always grateful for a great place to stay with even better company.

For time to see my lovely girlfriend and her husband – it was to short but fantastic all the same.

For all my family in Vancouver for showering us with love and encouragement. Next time maybe Addison will know how to say hi to everyone in Chinese (don’t expect it though, there are a lot of you).

For our awesome brother and sister in law who tagged along with us so that they can spend some time with us since our trip was so short.

For food. Glorious food. I am always in love with Vancouver’s food scene, from the fancy Shanghai dinner to the hole in the wall but amazing ramen. From dim sum to bubble waffles. From sushi to izakaya. The variety and quality makes my tummy smile.

For antacids. ‘Nough said.



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