General pregnancy complaints

I know that some women have easier pregnancies than others, and some women endure better than others. But eff all you glowing, floating, amazing pregnant women out there. And give me my body back.

– Dear Braxton Hicks, I hate you.

– Did anyone ever feel like their baby is just clawing to get out? Dragging her little fingers on the inside of the womb. Why do we have nerves in there anyway? Oh, and then I have a Braxton Hicks contraction while she is scratching? Fantastic.

– I went into Physio with some wicked mid/upper back pain. Looks like a rib is out of place. Yup that happened. It might be because my stomach and intestinal system is bloated like an over filled balloon, or it might be little monkey is sitting higher than Addison ever did. Either way I don’t like it.

– Has anyone invented a zero gravity sleep chamber yet? Because I am not sure how I am supposed to avoid sleeping on my back, elevate my legs, sleep on my right side to reduce heartburn, and sleep on my left side to reduce irritating my displaced rib all at the same time.

– I’m not sure how much more my self esteem can take. Within half an hour today someone commented I’m bigger than his wife was when she was pregnant with twins, a lady asked if I were pregnant with twins and another man was surprised that I still have 2 more months of pregnancy to go. Yes. I look big. I feel big. Thanks for reminding me.

– Waddle is the new sexy. I swear. Who needs to float while they walk when lumbering like Godzilla will do just fine?

Yes I know it is my second pregnancy. I know I should be grateful that baby is doing well, and I’m doing well and so far (knock on wood) we haven’t had to go into the hospital for pre term labour. I don’t care, I’m complaining anyway.


2 thoughts on “General pregnancy complaints”

  1. Complaining is totally ok! And I hear you – I hate women who “looove” being pregnant. My pregnancies sucked. There it is.


  2. Complain all you want! It’s not all unicorns and rainbows out there! Might as well be real about it. When I was pregnant with my second, my midwife asked me if I was going to get George
    ‘Fixed’ before this baby was born, I was so miserable I knew we weren’t going to do this again!


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