Weekly gratitude review

This week I would like to dedicate my gratitude review to all the wonderful health care workers in my life. Oftentimes my posts are about the frustrations I have with the health care professionals in my life, but I think that this is the nature of blogs – especially one where I am trying to give you all an update on this tough situation we are in. I don’t write about the day to day occurrences that keeps us moving forward towards when baby and the omph makes their debut. Also it’s generally the ugly things that stick out in my mind. I’m trying to train myself to focus on all the fantastic people we encounter instead since in reality there are far more fantastic ones than terrible ones.

This week we went into the hospital. I had a pretty bad tummy ache – hindsight I probably just had some indigestion, but right before this happened our antenatal doctor of the week had made it very clear that if anything changes with the Braxton hicks that I need to go into the hospital. So we went into Foothills labour and delivery. I won’t lie – I don’t like the Foothills labour and delivery unit. The triage room is several beds separated by curtains. It’s tight and not very private. I could hear the nurses talking about all of us ladies in there. I could hear all the ladies who were in active labour. The ward was very busy that night. No delivery rooms available so there were two ladies in active labour the triage with me. Bleh.

The thing is that as uncomfortable this is for me, the nurses and doctors didn’t once treat me as an annoyance while at the busy hospital. They took care and made sure that I wasn’t in preterm labour. Knowing my situation they were more cautious and ran more tests. The nurses also checked up on me to make sure I was comfortable. One of the nurses made sure to wish us luck in case we don’t see her again before baby comes. The doctor we had was really busy going from delivery to delivery but when with us, he didn’t show that he was in a rush or busy. He gave us his full attention.

Honestly we really are lucky. When I think on it, most everyone have been kind and friendly. From the lady who handles the appointments at EFW Maternal Fetal Medicine practice, to all our specialists. As much as I’m frustrated by the confusion and discontinuity in care, most everyone has treated us with friendliness and respect. This gives me hope that when baby and her omph comes these fantastic health care professionals will be there to make things go as smoothly as possible.

I also want to thank our amazing friend who has adopted us for the year. She came over to watch Addison while we went into the hospital. Addison still asks where she is every night at bedtime. She must be an amazing story reader.


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