A 34 week update

Today we had one last heart ECHO and also prenatal appointment. I am happy to announce that the heart looks good. The right tricuspid valve looks normal, and barely leaking. The blood flow through the heart is good. The cardiologist’s exact words were “her heart is the least of her worries”. The prenatal appointment went ok. New doctor again. I am pretty nervous that we are going to go into pre term labour and that if we end up going into labour that it will progress so fast that we won’t be able to have a c section. When I tried to ask how far into labour would we not be eligible for a c section out of curiosity, I think that the doctor misunderstood and thought I was trying to delay going into the hospital until it was too late. She then started explaining that the reason why we are having a c section is because my baby has an omphalocele…

Baby per normal decided that during the ultrasound was a perfect time to do some dancing. I swear she knows that an ultrasound is going on and purposely makes it more difficult. For the last 3 ultrasounds I have not been able to see her face because every time the tech scans for her face she actually turns around so all we can see is the back of her head. That monkey.

As for me, I have now progressed to the point where if I am lying in bed I get exhausted just thinking about how I am getting up. Which doesn’t bode well for the nightly bathroom breaks.

So this is the final stretch. I realize there hasn’t been much update lately. Every now and then I sit down and start a post where I am trying to be witty or insightful about pregnancy and motherhood, but it always felt so forced. I don’t really want to write posts for the sake of writing posts. While baby is still in her baby house, no news for the next month is good news.

To prepare for the hospital stay I am going to have, please comment on some good books and shows I can upload onto the iPad. And when I say “I”, I mean hubbo.


3 thoughts on “A 34 week update”

  1. I hope that things go well. I have ready two books lately that we both good, but not necessarily what you are looking for. “Astronaut’s guide to Life on Earth” by Chris Hadfield was a great read. “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand was good but I wouldn’t say the best read for the hospital… I haven’t seen the movie yet but here it is good too.


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