Weekly gratitude review – radiothon edition

This week starting on Wednesday is the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation’s annual radiothon. I will be listening to Country 105 these three days and probably having a good cry.

It will be hard to listen to all these brave families sharing their most scary moments in their lives, but I am so grateful to these families who are willing to share their stories. I know that our family will owe a great deal to these families who went through it before us, helped raise awareness for this state of the art hospital we will be spending so much time at, and also provide us insight so that the next part of our journey will be a little bit less scary. Personally knowing some families who have had long visits at the Children’s Hospital has given me invaluable insight in both how lucky we are to live in Calgary where this hospital is located, and also how hard it is to share these personal stories and how brave these families really are.

If you get a chance I hope you will tune into some of the radiothon and also donate funds and time to this worthy foundation that does so much for Alberta families. We are now going to be one of those families who will pin our hopes and fears on the amazing people working here. As we plan to make this hospital our second home for the next little while, I am glad to get the chance to give gratitude to the fact that the hospital like this exists for families in situations like ours.


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