Just a bit of fainting

Yesterday I had a couple of fainting spells. One in the morning that didn’t get near to blacking out, and one at lunch where if I didn’t lie myself down on the floor I would have blacked out. Lying on the floor got me pretty nervous so I called dear husband and off to the maternity ward we went.

This visit can only be categorized as bizarre. It was really busy – busier than we have ever seen – every single triage bed was full. Labour noises everywhere. Throwing up everywhere. The curtained off room was even smaller than usual – literally just two feet off the one side of the bed. The nurses were obviously overstretched but they tried to make me as comfortable as possible. Before we got settled and after we just got hooked up to the baby monitor, a young doctor came in and mentioned that they would like to do an ultrasound. I didn’t really think much of it because we have lots of ultrasounds. So the radiation doctor comes in with two young doctors and they basically say “we have a new machine and your baby has an omphalocele. Can we try it out on you?” When the two feet of space is taken up in your room by 3 doctors, it’s kind of hard to say no. Also I think that it is important that we help our young doctors and future doctors whenever possible. So they come with their ultrasound machine, unhook me from the baby monitor and begin fiddling around with it and my belly. After they were done, they just left. No comments on what they saw, didn’t hook me back up to the monitor, left all the goop on my belly. A student doctor stayed and started doing my chart as I just stared at the goop, and tried to look around my miniature curtain room for some paper towels. After 10 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and asked my husband to get me some paper towels and the student doctor finally realized and started cleaning my belly with some Kleenex. And then another 10 minutes later the nurse came in because my baby monitor wasn’t registering a heart beat. When she found out I wasn’t plugged in she was pretty grumpy. The student doctor just kind of brushed it off – pretty awkward. Then she stayed and did a long assessment – getting me to sit up and lie down, listening to my heart and lungs. After the nurse and student doctor left, I wasn’t seen for another 2 hours. The student doctor came back in and did a quick test of my reflexes and whether or not I can follow her finger. I think that as a student doctor she just didn’t really know what she was looking for but I appreciate the effort she put in trying to diagnose me. Even the repeated questions of whether or not I “ingested” anything that might have caused this (I think she meant drugs) didn’t annoy me too much.

The original young doctor came back and said “well I don’t think anything is wrong. Sometimes people just faint. If you had gone into the emergency ward they wouldn’t have even emitted you. Make sure you drink water and eat”. What in the…this comment made me really annoyed. I’m not sure if by then I was just so annoyed by the labour noises and throw up smells. Maybe I had just been there too long. Maybe I am just extra sensitive and on high alert and I expect all doctors to also treat me that way. Whatever it was I was pretty unhappy with the whole situation. She wouldn’t discharge me until the doctor on call saw me as well, which bugged me even more considering she made such a stink about how I didn’t need to be there.

It turned out the doctor was one of the doctors from the IVF clinic. He was really nice and very interested in our case and baby’s omph. At one point Mark asked if maybe we should get a blood test to check for anemia and doctor walked away mid sentence – presumably to check my charts, but it turned out he got paged to deliver a baby! Half hour later he came back and discharged us, but I was still hooked up to the monitor. I unhooked the baby monitor myself and got dressed. Mark flagged down a nurse and she came over looking puzzled. “Why are you dressed?” We told her that the doctor said we could go. Turns out the doctor didn’t tell the nurse so she had to go off and find him before letting us go. Finally.

Four hours later, we were home. I still feel a bit faint and not myself so I am taking a couple of days off. Sitting here listening to the Children’s Hospital Radiothon might not be the best way to keep hydrated as the stories are making me cry, but a couple of rest days is probably exactly what I need.


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