Weekly gratitude review

I sit here Sunday evening trying to think of what this week I was thankful for. This should have been an easy one – Valentine’s Day date with the husband, great Chinese New Year dinner with our good friends sans Addison, and a meet up with Addison’s friends from our birth and baby’s class. This weekend also saw my husband finish reupholstering the glider we picked up from a garage sale in the summer. And having my dad around has been really helpful once again.


I mean everything was great. Except for when I couldn’t get into the booth at our Valentine’s date and had to ask to move to a table. But I just feel big and unwieldy. My fainting spells haven’t gone away. I’m starting to have pretty bad pain going from my back straight down my right leg. The heart burn is getting worse. I feel like I haven’t truly slept in a week and a half. And I don’t really feel like writing about being grateful, even though I really am a very lucky girl.

So this week I am just going to say that I am thankful for the life I live. I am thankful that things go smoothly enough for me on a regular basis that even though things are going pretty well, I can afford the luxury to whine a little bit.


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