It is 11:30 mountain time. Today is the big day – we think. We have had a few hiccups already this morning. While I was supposed to be in the operating room having my baby, we were taking a nice stroll through Market Mall instead. We were able to take advantage of Target’s liquidation sale – I got a breakfast in bed tray in anticipation that my husband and daughters are going to want to be very nice to me this Mother’s Day šŸ˜‰

The reason for the delay is that the NICU at he Foothills is full and so before we can have our baby, other babies that are more stable have to be transferred to other hospitals. I am pretty torn about this – part of me feels good that they are taking such precautions for our little miss, part of me feels guilty for all the other parents and a part of me just wants to eat. We are back at the hospital now but it’s no guarantee we will have this baby any time soon. The call has been made to the NICU to see if there is room for us yet. If not, they may send us home and let me eat, which would probably mean we won’t have our baby until tomorrow. I am starting to get a dehydration headache so hopefully if we are going ahead this afternoon I can at least get an IV soon.

Anxiously waiting.


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