Isabelle Tse Yu Player

Please welcome our little baby Isabelle Tse Yu Player. Born 2:30 this afternoon via c section. She was 8lbs.

She came out crying and with strong lungs. They didn’t need to intubate her. They gave her nasal prongs but she promptly ripped them off. She also got a repogle to keep her stomach empty. She also ripped that out a few times, along with her heart monitor stickers. She had the nurses running around getting her tubes back in.

While at the Foothills hospital I was able to have a little bit of skin to skin time with her which was amazing. Little miss just wanted to nurse right away, and cried since she wasn’t allowed to. That broke my heart a little bit.

The omphalocele looks good to me – of course I am not an expert but there is skin covering half the defect which I think is a very good thing. The surgeon came to see her but we didn’t get a chance to meet with her. All they said so far is no surgery today.

I am so proud of my little girl who grew so strong in her baby house. I am really much more confidant now that she is here and I have seen her.

For now baby and mommy are separated, but daddy is with Isabelle and mommy has a great support team here at the hospital with her doula and her nurses. Hopefully I will get a day pass tomorrow to see my girl.





10 thoughts on “Isabelle Tse Yu Player”

  1. She’s perfect. Thanks for making me cry. So so happy for you and family. Welcome Isabelle- you may be a beauty, but you are a fighter too.


  2. Congratulations Jess and Mark. Welcome to your beautiful daughter Isabelle.Love to you and wee Addison. Prue and Andrew.


  3. I found your blog through a friend and I just want you to know that 1 year ago tomorrow we had a baby with a giant Omphalocele. I read your entire blog tonight and it brought back so many memories and emotions. I wish someone would have reached out to me and told me that everything is going to be okay, because it will! Omphalocele babies are incredibly strong and amazing! Our daughter Kinley will be 1 tomorrow, we did the paint and wait method and went home from the NICU after 30 days where we continued to do dressing changes. There were breathing issues and feeding issues in the beginning but after her body figured out how to accept her liver coming back into her body she did amazingly! She had full closure at 7 months old, it was the hardest thing we have ever been through but has made us so much stronger as a family! Good luck on your journey and if you ever need to talk please feel free to email me!
    P.S. We are in Edmonton!

    – Katrina 🙂

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    1. Katrina that is amazing and thanks so much for reaching out! Will likely reach out in the near future when we know more. Thanks for the words of encouragement as well!


  4. So thrilled for you all and welcome to the world little Isabelle, a much longed for and loved treasure. All our love to you Mark and Jess and big sister Addison.xx


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