Isabelle’s nursery

This is Izzy’s nursery. She has a room at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.


Isabelle spends most of her time in her baby convertible sleeping. For her, the top is always open. Beside her convertible is a series of pumps that provide nutrients to Isabelle on a continuous basis through her PIC line. The top syringe is labeled lipids. It kind of looks like a tube full of margarine. The big monitor shows Isabelle’s vital signs as well as a couple of the other babies. This is so if the nurse is with one baby but the other baby has an emergency, she can know right away.

At the NICU the nurse to baby ratio is 1 to 2. This makes sure Isabelle gets lots of care as needed. There are also two doctor rounds – the surgeons come first and then the neonatologist before lunch. During the surgical rounds, the surgeon changes Isabelle’s dressings. The doctors are very open and helpful answering our questions. The neonatologists do a 2 week rotation so we will see the same face for 2 weeks.

The room has a nice closet for Izzy’s blankets and my pump equipment. There is an armchair as well as a couch/daybed for mommy and daddy. These have been good to allow us to take some naps.

The hardest part about the NICU is that the family lounge is outside of the unit and all the food needs to be consumed out there. Anyone who knows me knows that I am constantly eating. I don’t know how many times I dropped crumbs on Addison’s head when she was an infant. Each time we go out we also have to do a one minute hand washing procedure. My husband just learned that he’s allergic to the soap provided and so we will need to call occupational health on Monday to figure out what alternatives he can use.

All in all this state of the art facility has been a blessing for us. I am impressed by the mix of technology and comfort. It’s not ideal but for the circumstances I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


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