Weekly gratitude review – women’s day edition

This week I would like to give all my gratitude for two of the most amazing future women I have the privilege to call my children.

To Isabelle, my amazing fiesty little baby who in 3 days has completely amazed me by your strength and grace. There is so much you have gone through that I can only imagine from having needles stuck into your head to having tubes forced down your throat. I love watching you peacefully sleep even though you have endless wires and tubes sticking out of you.

To Addison, my patient, sweet and strong older sister. My heart burst when I saw you the first time after being discharged from the hospital. I know you feel confused and sad about these last few days and I appreciate that you are handling it with such a happy disposition.

It is going to be such an honour to have the opportunity to see grow up into amazing women, and to guide you through your formative years. I better not screw this one up.


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