Time for the nom noms

Things are progressing very fast here at Children’s Hospital. Everyday feels like a week with the changes in Isabelle’s care. Isabelle’s weight had dropped off dramatically after her birth but now is steadily climbing on her margarine in a tube and liquid diet. She also has started to be fed!!

The day before we left Isabelle and she looked like this:


The green tube into her nose is a repogle. The repogle’s job is to suck any fluids that build up in the stomach. Since she wasn’t being fed, that basically meant any mucus or saliva that made its way down there. They wanted to keep her stomach empty in case she was going to have a surgery and also because they didn’t know how her guts would function. The green safety scissors like thing is a clamp. They had clamped the repogle because they wanted to see how well Izzy handled having fluids in her stomach. She did very well all day, she did not throw up and her tummy didn’t get distended and her omph didn’t get any bigger.

When we got in yesterday morning she looked like this:


Notice anything different? The green repogle tube has switched to an orange feeding tube. Overnight, Isabelle decided she was handling fluids in her stomach just fine and pulled out her repogle. Because she did so well during the day, the repogle wasn’t replaced and instead a feeding tube was put in. The feeding tube will be used for the first little while to feed Isabelle so that the feeds are totally controlled. At noon we gave her her first ever feed of 5.9 mL of breast milk! She will get this amount every four hours to see how her guts handle the feeding, and also “prime” her gut. Since it had been empty since birth, we can’t just introduce a big feed right off the bat. So for the next few days we will be monitoring how well she does on the tube feedings. If her guts handle it well the next step will be oral feeds! So exciting! Oral feeding is one of the milestones that we need to cross to be able to go home so we are ecstatic that we hate steadily marching towards that goal.


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