Addy and Izzy baby book club – week 1

Currently at the NICU, Addison is not allowed to visit her little sister because siblings under 12 have been locked out due to flu season. It has been very hard on Addison to not get to be where mommy, daddy and baby sister are. She also has a bit of confusion as to where Isabelle actually lives. To make her feel more involved in Isabelle’s life, we have started a little book club between the two sisters. Each day, Addison chooses one of her books to lend to Isabelle. During the day we read the book to Izzy and take a picture to show Addy. So far Addison is loving the book club, and she has been very thoughtful in choosing books for Isabelle.

Each Thursday I will do a roundup of all the books we have read that week. Any other babies or kiddos who want to join us by suggesting a book are welcome to! Just take a picture of your kiddo holding the book they recommend and send it to me. If we don’t have the book it may take us a while to get it to the hospital but I will try my best to get all recommendations to the hospital until we are discharged! If you don’t want your kid’s picture on the blog just include a note when you send your suggestions!

Monday: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
IMG_7052Addy: I’m going to eat all the food! Om om om om om
Izzy: who needs food when you can have margarine in a tube straight into your veins?

Tuesday: Olivia by Bob Minzesheimer
IMG_7043Addy: the pig is pink!
Izzy: daddy is a good reader

Wednesday: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and Pat Hancock
IMG_7060Addy: night night moon and cow jumping over moon
Izzy: zzzzzzzz


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