Occupational health and hazards

No one tells you how hard physically having a baby at the hospital is. There is a lot of talk about what you will feel emotionally, what baby will have to go through. At the NICU you can see all these mommies hobbling around trying to recover from their recent c-sections. For me, weaning off the drugs have caused a stingy sensation along my wound. I choked on some water the other day, and it felt like my stitches split apart. With all the pumping I have been doing, hunched over, holding the suction in awkward positions, my back, shoulders and wrists all feel terrible. Mark and I both have developed a rash on our hands, and I somehow have a rash on my face. Somehow Mark tweaked his back badly and can hardly sit. The lazy boy and couch are not the most supportive pieces of furniture for people with aches and pains. I think tomorrow we are going to bring a yoga mat into our NICU room so that we can do some stretches. Our nurses already laugh that we have moved right into our room, but whatever it takes to be able to spend more time with Izzy.


2 thoughts on “Occupational health and hazards”

  1. I totally feel you! Can you go for a massage soon? I feel wrecked too but you must feel so much worse with all you’ve gone through. It is really tough to take care of yourself, isnt it? Are you taking probiotics daily to help with your gut flora after being on antibiotics? I had a rash that broke out and lasted months only to find out it was a reaction to antibiotics. Do you like kombucha? We have brewed some and would love to drop some off for you as well as a home cooked meal and our favourite children’s book for the girls.


    1. I have only heard Kirk talk about your guys’ kombucha! I’d love to try it! Yes I am using the probiotics. I had a rash on my face that was probably caused by strong hand washing soap. Crazy!


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