Isabelle’s first tube top and visit from the Ng family

We have actually fallen behind a little bit on our updates. There is a little bit of a delay when things happen and when we get a chance to update the blog, which seems crazy because I am writing a blog post once a day or once every two days. Basically, whatever is the most pressing issue ends up getting posted to the blog and whatever seems to be marching forward well gets ignored a bit. I will try a bit harder to update the blog with all news. But please be patient and give us some space and time to provide the updates here. Sometimes if we end up telling people individually what has been going on then I forget to put it up on the blog.

Friday Izzy was taken off bedadine – the iodine paint they were putting on her omph. Now they just put mepitel mesh on it and then telfa gauze. She also does not need the Kirkland brand Saran Wrap anymore, they are just using a mesh wrap now. The mesh wrap comes in a tube form and reminds me of the wrap that they use on apple pears. She wears it like a little tube top. The surgeon and I joked that this is already Isabelle’s first tube top and she’s gone all out with a mesh one. Hope this is not signs of what’s to come when you are older baby girl.

They have changed the dressing style because the omphalocele is actually healing quite well. In just a week it has changed from see through to yellow. The next stage is for it to dry out a bit and also grow skin. It’s easier for the omphalocele to dry out under the mesh wrap. The surgeons have also now passed the dressing duties to the NICU nurses. To get it right they have made a little diagram for themselves and stuck it in our room. We find it really interesting that everything is still mostly done on paper from how to do dressing changes to the charts that are updated every 3 hours.

Isabelle got to meet her Ng side of the family this weekend. Well, gong gong had a visit when I was still in the hospital and he didn’t go this weekend because he caught Addison’s cold, but poh poh and uncle Michael came down. To be honest, it was great that family can come visit but it is really hard at the same time. Right now, I can’t drive and so all the driving back and forth depends on my husband. The NICU rooms are very nice but really made for mom and dad, not visitors as well. Even with the less stringent protocols in the near future I see why it would be a disruption to have visitors to the NICU.

Today I am taking a rest day. Because Addison and my dad are both sick, and I was starting to feel really run down, I finally relented and took a rest day to stay at home and sleep so that I don’t get sick as well. It is really hard for me to not go in, I can’t really start to describe how I feel. I just think about if we had a baby at home, she would not leave my side for 24/7, yet here we are, leaving her every single night, leaving her to have lunch and dinner everyday, leaving her to run errands. I know that to give her the best care I need to be not sick and well rested, and that she is in better and more capable hands than I can provide at home for her situation. I know that for the majority of the day she is sleeping and I am trying to catch some z’s on the couch. But it still pains me to not be able to be there to comfort her when she has her checkup every three hours, when she needs another IV put in or to let her nuzzle at each feed. I just really have to remember if I don’t rest and get sick then I have to be away from my girl for 7 days instead of just 1.



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