Weekly gratitude review – trailblazers edition

This week I want to highlight two ladies who have been invaluable to me through this experience so far. They are both super mommas who blazed the trail for me and offers me the most practical advice and support because they have been where I am with their youngest children. We are very lucky to have the support that we have providing very practical help whenever we need it but these two ladies provide some unique perspective and keep me grounded and focused through this whole experience. They have been able to provide advice no other person who hasn’t been here can provide.

The first friend and her family have been really good friends with us for quite some time. They are one of the main reasons we moved to the south west of Calgary when we were expecting our first child. Last year they spent 6 months in hospital. This year they have basically adopted us. They bring us meals and if we are in a crunch they swing by with groceries. She has provided me with the best health care contacts as we started this journey way back when we first found out about Isabelle’s omph, from our therapist to the lactation consultant at the hospital. She lets us know the shortcuts for managing hospital paperwork and loopholes. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything but at the same time offers real, practical and relatable encouragement.

I am not as close to the second friend of mine – but it is always amazing to see who steps forward when you and your family is in crisis mode. Her last pregnancy resulted in a beautiful baby boy but they had some very serious health scares and prolonged hospital stays along the way. Her last email to me really sparked this post. In it she basically read my mind on many of the issues I struggle with from feeling overwhelmed with the amount of updating to friends and families that needs to be done to how to make my own hands free pumping bras. She hit it right on the head with one of her first sentences in her email letting me know I don’t need to feel obligated in writing her back, because one of the things I struggle with is carving out the energy and time to respond to everyone who reaches out. She let me know it is ok to forgive ourselves and each other when our best doesn’t feel quite good enough.

I am so fortunate these two moms are in my corner, and that they are the strong amazing and open hearted women that they are. Looking at their stories makes me believe that ours will have a happy ending too.


One thought on “Weekly gratitude review – trailblazers edition”

  1. OK so I’m thinking we will bring you some immune support things- do you guys drink bone broth? I can make a couple batches for you, bring kombucha, and If you need us to pick up any supplements for you at a health food store we can do that ( kirk is at site for two days so I can do it when he gets home). Anything else you can think of to help boost your health? Hope you get some rest.


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