Addy and Izzy book club – week 2


IMG_7065Addy: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Izzy: where were my three kisses on the tip of my nose?


IMG_7084Addy: brown bear brown bear what do you see?🎶
Izzy: I like books that are songs!


IMG_7093Addy: what is the dog doing?
Izzy: it’s pretty cheap to use YouTube since you guys don’t know the tune


IMG_7115Addy: Miffy! Cute little bunny! 🎶
Izzy: why didn’t you open all the flaps daddy?


IMG_7138Addy: wiggle wiggle my toes!
Izzy: daddy don’t say my name in a creepy way


IMG_7154Addy: ohhhh monsters!!
Izzy: I just want milk mommy!


IMG_7162Addy: again mommy?
Izzy: again daddy?


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