2 week birthday

Today Isabelle is 2 weeks old! Things have really started to settle down into a routine. Nothing much changes day to day now.

Isabelle is now really close to being her birth weight again. She is also up to full feeds. That means she gets 150mL per kg per day, or about 65mL a feed, eight times a day. At each feed she is also allowed to breast feed for 8 minutes or get approximately 10mL from the bottle. She is doing really well. They have slowed her feed down because she seemed to get fussy while the milk is being pumped into her stomach. So she eats really slowly. Today we are going to get to visit with one of the lactation specialists so that she can see if Izzy is doing well with the nursing. She had had a couple of spit ups but I honestly think it’s more about her being a baby than her GI system.

Today Isabelle had her follow up ECHO. She did really well, and didn’t cry. She just stared at the radiologist the whole time making sure he was doing his job right. There will be another post once we have the report back and have spoken to the cardiologist.

Isabelle’s oxygen saturation level is still an issue. The doctors have been trying to wean her off the oxygen, but each time they do the O2 sats drop to the low 80s percent. Her breathing is also still quite fast, but trending down – it just seems like it is her norm, and so we all think it is caused by the pressure from the omph. The O2 sats also drop when she’s breast feeding or when she’s finished getting her meal as well. Again we all think this is caused by pressure. When she is breast feeding, there is more pressure on her omph just based on how I hold her, and when she’s done her feed her stomach is full so that causes more pressure as well. I think this means she may be on oxygen for longer than we expected but that’s manageable and we just need to be patient for her to grow bigger.

Isabelle’s omphalocele has been healing very well. It is all yellowy now and there is about 1 cm of skin growth all around. The umbilicus (where the umbilical cord started) is really gross and black but dry and apparently to the surgeons that looks good, so we are happy. I’m not so fond of her apple pear wrapper. It gets stuck on everything – from her leads to her diaper. And it moves around a lot. One day we came in and her dressing was on the floor. We have started putting her in clothes. I was hoping it would kind of help hold the wrapper and her leads in place but the jury is out on that. Sometimes it works but sometimes it makes the problem worse.

Isabelle’s favourite activities right now are sleeping, nursing and listening to music in that order. She will forgo practicing to eat if she is having a good snooze. Her least favourite activities are getting her diaper changed and cuddling with mom in between feeds when she is awake and hungry.



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