Baby ultrasounds

The last couple of days baby Isabelle had two separate ultrasounds. The first was an ECHO and the second was for the renal system.

Isabelle had an ECHO when she was only 2 days old. That scan was pretty inconclusive because the omphalocele was obstructing the view of the heart. So they repeated the ECHO two weeks later. They found 2 holes: one is called a PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis) and the other is called a PFO (Patent Forman Ovale). Both of these holes exists in babies before they are born because the blood in baby is oxygenated by mummy instead of by her own lungs. Both of these holes generally close within days of birth. Isabelle’s PDA is considered trivial which means there is such a small leak that platelets can now just get stuck in it and will eventually close up the hole. A PFO is a hole between the left atrium and the right atrium. PFOs are a very common defect – about 25% of people have this defect. Generally the defect acts like a pressure relief valve. When there is no extra pressure on the heart, the blood flows regularly. If there is extra pressure on the heart, like when the person coughs or sneezes, the valve opens and the blood flows backwards through the hole. Most of the people with this defect do not have any symptoms. However, there seems to be a correlation of PFOs with migraines, heart attacks and strokes. In Isabelle’s case, her PFO is caught early and a paediatrician will follow up and monitor her throughout her childhood. All in all this means that Izzy’s heart is a happy heart. I think in my mind anyway we are also satisfied that the breathing and oxygen saturation issues are because of the omphalocele and not having true abdominal muscles. This means that we basically just have to wait for Izzy to get bigger so that her omphalocele is relatively smaller.

Today Isabelle had a renal ultrasound. It was really interesting to watch this ultrasound. As the tech was doing the ultrasound on Izzy’s bladder, she had a big pee. We were able to see the bladder full and then instantly empty. Very neat. The kidneys were not so fun to scan. Isabelle did not like it at all, and it looked really uncomfortable. Anyway, the results also came back today and everything looks normal.

Two good news scans. Everyday Izzy gets bigger and stronger. So proud of my little girl.



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