Weekly gratitude review

These past few days all we have talked about is how can we get home soon. We are so close we can taste it. So this week’s gratitude review is dedicated to the Alberta Children’s Hospital’s NICU staff.

For the last 3 and a half weeks we have made the NICU our second home. For Isabelle this is the only home she has ever had. During this time we have gotten to know many of the nurses, doctors and support staff. Being there for 10-12 hours a day we got to see how hard these people work, and how much they care for all the families there. Many of these nurses and doctors were there much longer than we were each day, and each time they were in they would ask us how we were doing. They didn’t only take care of Isabelle but made sure mom and dad are ok too. When we couldn’t be there, they were Isabelle’s sole caregivers. They tried to give us as much normalcy as possible. We had great lactation consultants who helped us be successful with transitioning to breast feeding. The nurses were always happy to help us with any tasks we asked to do, and brought us pillows and warm blankets whenever we needed. They joked with us and felt our frustrations along with us. The nurses always asked us if we wanted to take part in rounds and the neonatologists and fellows were always happy to answer all our questions. As we are about ready to leave all the staff are just as excited for us and the nurses have all started doing research to see how they can set us up to go home.

We are incredibly lucky that we live in a city with one of the most state of the art children’s hospital. But more importantly we are so incredibly lucky for the people who work at this state of the art hospital. They made this 3 weeks stay as bearable as possible. As much as I am excited to go home I am grateful this team of professionals were in our lives for this short but critical time period, and I will miss having them on hand for every need, every question.


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