Omphalocele update

I realize that I have not updated on Isabelle’s omphalocele in quite some time.  I think because it is hard to notice progress when you look at it daily, I haven’t really thought about how much progress we have made in 6 weeks. 

The opening on the omphalocele is significantly smaller than it is now.  All around the edge about an inch of skin growth has occurred.  The wound itself is significantly thicker and pretty gnarly.  Everyday more and more of the leathery scab comes off.  Now it is starting to come off in chunks.  One of the ways that we can tell that the wound is getting smaller is that the piece of mepitel that we use is now about half the size of the piece we first used.  The doctors also believe that under the scab they are starting to see “granularization” which is a fancy term for skin growth.

One concerning thing to me is that it is a bit damp And oozy. The oozyness is sometimes yellowy brown and sometimes pinkish.  The doctor said this is normal, just like if you have a really bad skinned knee.  The other concerning thing to me is that it smells. Again the doctor says this is normal, and that we are keeping the wound looking pretty good.

The dressing has changed from telfa to just a piece of gauze now.  The reason for the change is to encourage more air flow to the wound.  Also I find that the gauze is better at soaking up the oozy stuff so that’s good.  We still change out her bandage once a day but we have also upped the tube top change from once a week to every other day or so.  This is because the burn net was giving Isabelle a rash on her back.  

All in all things are looking good.  Our surgeon had not seen Isabelle in a couple of weeks and at first glance she mentioned that the omphalocele looked smaller and the wound looked smaller as well. It is much harder for us to tell when we see her everyday so it was good to hear the surgeon say that.  I am trying hard not to compare with other cases that we see in our omphalocele support group because the range of cases and treatment methods is so big.  Some kiddos have skin growth in 2 weeks.  Some in 5 months.  Some kids have closure surgery right at birth, some not for years and years.  I do wish that there was a way to tell if Isabelle’s wound was healing quicker, slower or right on track.  However I am much more at peace with Isabelle’s situation now and understand things will progress at whatever pace is necessary.  In the grand scheme of things if the wound continually heals and does not get infected, we are in good shape.


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