Quick update

I am now here at Children’s hospital.  Isabelle has gone through a battery of tests – blood work, x-Rays, urine test.  She is hooked up to an IV in her scalp.  She also has her heart rate, breathing and O2 saturation monitors back.  Her blood pressure cuff stays on her little leg and goes every 15 minutes.

When she arrived at the hospital they gave her a big dose of IV fluids and now it is back to just a drip.  She was dehydrated.  They have ruled out any intestinal blockages, and believe that she has some sort of infection.  Because she has extra medical needs they are more careful with her.  The bloodwork and urine sample tests they want are 48 hour cultures and they most likely will admit her to wait for the results to come back before sending her home.  Unlike any of the other units, emergency requires the parent to stay with the child, so Izzy and I are having a sleepover party at the hospital tonight.  Once she is admitted to one of the other units in the hospital, I will be allowed to leave but I might just stay tomorrow night as well especially if she is allowed to eat again.  

That is all for now I will give another update once we know more.


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