Isabelle is rebounding well.  Right now she has been taken off all monitoring and the IV fluids have been turned to minimum.  She still hasn’t had a significant pee since 2 in the afternoon – it is now 20 hours.  The doctors will not let her go home until her pees are normal.  The earliest they think she will be released is tomorrow morning, so Izzy and I will have another sleepover party at the hospital tonight.

As far as the docs can tell Isabelle had a gastro virus.  She was feeling more tired a couple of days leading up to the vomiting and now that I think of it she probably was trying to fight something off.  Not all the blood and urine tests are back but because she looks so great they are not concerned it is anything more serious.

I am still quite concerned with the lack of peeing.  Since 6pm she has been on full IV fluids, plus two extra top ups of IV fluids, plus 3 feeds and yet she has not had a pee.  Could something be wrong with her kidneys and/or bladder?  The nurse thinks that in the next few hours we will see a few big pees.  These next couple of days I probably will be pretty nervous tracking her urine output.  Hopefully they will go back to normal soon.

All in all I feel much better today.  Although we are in the hospital again at least Izzy is getting better and being in the hospital means that there is nothing but time to rest for all of us.  Being here with Isabelle and seeing her bright eyed helps put me at ease and I feel less helpless.  I am glad she is rebounding.  I am rebounding too.


Check out my classy fascinator.  I’m ready to have tea with the Queen.


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