Weekly gratitude review – ode to the sun

We live in one of the sunniest cities in Canada and this week we were treated to this sunshine all week long.  It has been great to be able to be in the sun almost every day and just soak it in.  Even being indoors has felt cheerier with the sunlight shining through.  It has also been great that Addison and Mochi have both been able to spend more outdoor time.  Addison is really loving her garden, showing off to her uncle all the plants we are going to eat.  She has also gotten to go on more walks with her daddy.  Mochi gets to enjoy his favorite sun bathing spots once again.  Isabelle and I have been on a couple of walks, and it was great not to have to bundle her up in multiple layers before we headed out.  We bbq’ed two days in a row, which means less dishes to clean up and a cooler kitchen as well.  Even driving to and from appointments in the sun has felt more enjoyable and relaxing.

I am into the last week of David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 challenge and I do believe that my mood is uplifted by being outside so much.  It is really great that I am able to walk to do many of my chores, including getting my eye exam and ordering glasses.  I am really appreciating the big blue skies and bright sunlight that we have gotten in the last week, and I am feeling the health benefits already.

 Who doesn’t love baby toes?


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