Weekly gratitude review – helpful people

last week was a busy one.  I hurt my back so I had many appointments from Physio to massage to x-Rays to try to get back to functioning.  We also had some time to visit with some friends. Addison loved her new older friends who showed her lots of dance moves.

We met with Isabelle’s Physio last week and I am really excited to be a client of the Child Development Center.  Both home care and surgury clinic has decided to let CDC follow Isabelle’s weight progress.  The great thing is that at the CDC they have lots of specialists so we can see what we need to in one place, and the care is much more consistent.  During the visit Isabelle did her little cough/choking thing and her Physio asked if she has reflux.  Because Izzy’s big throw up issues had died down, the doctors and I had not really thought reflux was an issue, but the dietician mentioned that babies can have silent reflux where the acid comes up and burns their throat but there isn’t any throw up.  The little cough thing is exactly that.  Isabelle also does this guppy mouth thing which is likely her trying to swallow down the acid.  We now thinK that the bottle rejection has something to do with her silent reflux – maybe she associated drinking from the bottle with the acid pain she feels.  This sounds like the most feasible answer to Izzy’s feeding issues and gives us another avenue to explore in trying to get Isabelle to put on some weight.

We also had another light bulb moment this weekend.  A while ago, my husband went into Babes in Arms to buy some rings to make me a ring sling carrier.  It turned out fantastic, but the first time we used it, Izzy threw up all over me (go here for the details).  We hadn’t really tried anything new but with my back issues we decided to give baby wearing another go.  We decided to go into the store to try some other type of carriers to see if we could find one that was more comfortable for Izzy and her omph.  While there, the ladies were so helpful! They showed us how to use our ring sling in different positions so that we could adjust to Izzy’s ever changing needs.  The position right now that she seems to like the most is the Buddha (or sometimes called kangaroo) position:  

  inside the sling Izzy is sitting with her legs crossed just like a little Buddha. This position puts no pressure on Izzy’s omph.  She seems to really love it and carrying her this way is much easier on my shoulder, neck and back.  I think this one is going to be a life saver for me.  


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