Weekly gratitude review

I’ve done it before but this week I really want to thank my amazing husband for being the rock he is for our family.  Last week I had somehow hurt my back pretty badly, and after I finally got some actual relief (thanks J!) I got really sick.  Knock on my a$$ sick. Passed out in bed for 4 days sick.  Through it all my husband picked up the slack.  He took both girls grocery shopping.  He took both girls to dinner at our friends (thanks J&J!).  He put Addison to bed while simultaneously bouncing Isabelle.  What a rock star! 😍 Totally makes up for the jam stains on the counter.


One thought on “Weekly gratitude review”

  1. Awww Jess hope you are feeling better. Sounds like a nasty bug! Always so inspired by how you guys handle everything and anything thrown your way so amazingly. You, Mark, Addy and Izzy are all rockstars! Also, extra points for Mark because I bet the jam stains were from jam he made himself ha-ha. Keep on trucking Players!


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