Weekly gratitude review 

this weekend was mine and my husband’s anniversary as well as Father’s Day.  So we went to Waterton Park. It was the weekend of their annual wild flower festival so we went on a couple of nice hikes.  We stayed in a hotel room for the first time with all four of us.  The first night went so well we debated leaving early.  It took us 3 hours to get the girls to sleep.  Once they were asleep the hotel’s in room alarm clock blared country music at midnight.  Izzy woke up at 3 to feed.  Addison woke up at 6 crying for Daniel Tiger. The weekend consisted of Isabelle going on hunger strikes and Addison wanting to go home.  Hiking alternated between Isabelle crying because she was strapped to me and Addison crying because she couldn’t be strapped to me.  

But honestly, it was still amazing.

Truth be told I didn’t really think that we would be making any overnight trips until Isabelle was much older.  Even a month ago, when my hubby was planning this trip, I was worried that it would be too much.  I was worried that something might happen while we were on the trip and we would be far away from any state of the art children’s hospital.  I was worried she would just be too fragile for the long car ride, the sleeping in an unfamiliar setting.  I was worried about Addison too.  Addison is a creature of habit and I was worried what the middle of the night feeds would do to her sleep and therefore her mood.  But going on this trip really was exactly what we needed.  It proved to me that we can do all these things.  It gave me so much more confidence in what each person in this family can handle.  It reminded me that my eldest is a normal toddler who can handle the change in routine relatively well.  It reminded me that my youngest is a normal baby, who just so happens to have an omphalocele.  We are a normal everyday family, we can do normal everyday family things and they can go just as wrong, or just as great.



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