Celebrity omph

About a week ago Christina Milian’s sister announced she is expecting her baby who has a giant omphalocele. I think this might be the first celebrity (ish) omph ever.  I am not the biggest follower of pop culture or celebrity gossip but I am really loving this story.  I love that Danielle Milian and her husband decided to share their story so publicly.  It especially touched my heart what they had to say in regards to whether or not to terminate the birth.  They said that as long as the baby can feel love, they will not terminate.

I hope that whatever happens these parents will continue to share their story.  I can say from writing this little blog that sometimes it is really hard to share our story. Sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes the emotions are just too raw.  But having a celebrity omph would really help raise awareness for this birth defect.  Although the condition will never be well known and “normal”, I think that the more people that know about it and talk about it, the less stigma these kids will feel as they grow older.  I also believe that the more stories that get out there about these special children, the better informed parents can be when they are faced with a diagnosis of a child with an omphalocele.  Omphalocele stories are so varied and can be associated with other conditions, or be an isolated condition.  I think the more stories out there and the more awareness the better.  Thanks and welcome to the club Danielle Milian!


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