Weekly gratitude review – celebrating 100+ days

This weekend we had some close friends over to celebrate Isabelle turning 100+ days old.  This is a pseudo chinese tradition – traditionally baby’s life is celebrated with a big banquet when they have made one month of life.  Before that, neither baby nor mom is supposed to leave the house so the one month celebration is the first time baby is introduced to friends and family. I am not sure why but recently the one month banquet has been replaced with a 100 day banquet.  Apparently this is celebrated because it symbolizes the wish for the child to live 100 years.  With many different sub cultures within the chinese culture it is hard to know if one came first and morphed with the times or if 100 day celebration has just increased in popularity.  For Addison, we went back to Edmonton for her one month and threw her a huge banquet.  Isabelle was newly out of the hospital for her one month so we had decided a one month banquet was not feasible.  But then in true “second child gets less attention” fashion, I had asked my hubby if we should throw her a 100 day birthday party, to which he replied “she’s already past 100 days”.  And so the 100+ day party was conceived.  

We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends who came to celebrate with us.  It was great to spend a little time with everyone.  I am grateful that my bbq decided to hold temperature brilliantly overnight for juicy pulled pork sandwiches.  I am grateful for the two hours of uninterrupted napping the girls had right before the party to put them in good moods and also to give us time to set up the party.  

As favors, we also debuted jammi jams, with our first small batch jam creation under the name.  I haven’t told my husband yet, but I have an idea of selling the jam to raise money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.  The hospital has given us so much I would like to give a little bit back, and selling something we made with love would be something very meaningful for the family.  But as hubby is finding out as he reads these words right now, and he’s the one that makes the jam, I am not sure if this idea will take off. Anyone of you who would buy jam from us leave a comment for encouragement! 😉



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