Weekly gratitude review – yyc festivals

Awesome photo booth at Market Collective

When I first moved from Edmonton to Calgary I looked down my nose at the yyc festival scene.  Edmonton had the best festivals and for years I would go back for Heritage Days, And Fring Festival.  I couldn’t stop comparing. The year I went to Calgary’s Heritage Festival and saw only about 10 tents, one with a sign labelled “asian food” I decided to write festivals all Festivals in Calgary off altogether.

Fast forward to 2 kids and a dog later and I finally have come to appreciate the way Calgary holds a festival.  On any given weekend, there are more than just one festival.  Some larger like Galorie Calorie art walk and party in Inglewood, Beakerhead or Lilac Festival in Mission others are smaller like Greek Festival or Turkish Festival. All these festivals big or small are put on by passionate Calgarians wanting to highlight their unique neighbourhood/culture/artwork/whatever.  All festivals have really great food and entertainment.  This weekend we went to Market Collective (ok not quite a festival, more like a local artist market with amazing food and live music) and the Turkish Festival.  We missed Wings over Springbank and Fiestaval.  Unlike Edmonton, the events are not huge affairs, so you can partake in a festival or two over the weekend, You can also pick or choose what you want to do.  Also with young kids, attention spans are short so these smaller festivals are perfect.  By the time Addison has had enough, we were onto the next.  Finally because the festivals are smaller affairs I never have the panicked feeling of missing out on food I want to try, things I want to see. We can go to many different festivals through the summer and I get to have a sampling of many different foods and culture. As our roots grow here I find myself enjoying this place more and more.

I was going to list out our favorite festivals here but it’s too hard, we love them all.  Well I still haven’t gone back for “asian food”.  Anyway instead here is a really good website with the festivals listed and description of them all. Happy festival hopping everyone!


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