Weekly gratitude review – for the love of busy

These last couple of weeks have been so hectic.  We had an annual trip with the bestirs and their fam, we had relatives visit from Hong Kong, Edmonton and Vancouver.  We took part in a block party.  We had dinner with good friends and neighbours. We celebrated with friends at their daughter’s confirmation of faith.

The kids’ schedules have been thrown all out of wack and they have had some pretty wicked mood swings as a result.  Between managing the full on revolts and all the activities my hubby and I are exhausted.  As I write this while rocking a wide awake Isabelle to sleep and listening to Addison reenact the high pitched screams and destruction of a hurricane, I can hardly keep my eyes open. The house is a disaster.  We have no more food.

But I love this kind of busy.  For the last little while we have been holed up in our house, not really having the motivation to get out.  This couple of weeks really got me out of my funk.  It is always amazing to be with great friends and family and when we are busy like this it reminds me of what a great support system we have.  Sometimes it is easy to get into the habit of hiding out because there has been so many appointments that I just needed time to relax.  But the flip side to that is being stuck in my own head and miss out on the human interactions that provides richness to your life.  Thank you all for reminding us of that – let’s spread it out a bit though. 😜 

 Addison all dressed up fancy at the confirmation of faith

  Isabelle relaxing at the zoo


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