Weekly gratitude review – paying it forward 

This weekend the family went to visit our nurses at the Alberta Children’s Hospital to drop off some NICU survival kits we created.  We got the idea from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls The Little Things blog.  It was an awesome activity we did together during the week, and then  Addison was so proud she couldn’t wait to drop off the presents for the babies so we made a special trip out.  

 In our kits we put things that would have been handy when Isabelle first went to NICU.  Because we knew from the get go that she would get transferred there, Hubby had a pretty good kit packed for himself with food.  But if a baby were transferred suddenly it would be very stressful and we packed stuff that would be helpful during the stressful time:

  • Granola bars for a quick bite to eat
  • Pen for signing papers and writing down important information
  • Gum and mouthwash to feel a bit refreshed
  • Soap for a shower and if the parents are allergic to the NICU soap like hubby was
  • Hand cream to soothe the hands from all the hand washing
  • Kleenex for the emotions

We kept the packaging of the kits simple: just a plain plastic bag that Addison decorated with stickers.  We wanted the kits to be compact and easy to store for the NICU.  In total we made 20 kits.  It wasn’t expensive and easy to put together and hopefully will be welcomed by parents coming into the NICU.  

These kits were an awesome activity for my two and a half year old kid.  She loved putting the items into the bag and also putting stickers all over the outside.  We spread the work out over a few days so that Addison never got too bored. It was a good activity to keep a toddler occupied for half hour stretches. She couldn’t wait to bring the presents to the hospital.  The nurses were so happy to see how well Izzy was doing and also to get the kits from us.  

It was a fun way to pay it forward for future families that will find themselves at the NICU.  Hopefully future families will find some use out of these in the first few hours of chaos that is checking into the NICU.


One thought on “Weekly gratitude review – paying it forward ”

  1. Very timely as its Random Acts of Kindness day today, at least in NZ it is. You’ve delivered a day early. What a lovely idea which others will benefit from


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