In a blink of an eye…

Isabelle is now officially 6 months old! I felt quite nostalgic and went back and looked at pictures from her birth day.  It’s easy to forget how far we have already come.   

 In six months Isabelle had two hospital stays, cut her oxygen dependency and learned to breastfeed.   She has gained 4.5 lbs and has grown skin completely covering her omphalocele.  She has been wearing her spanx, and recently, to get more of a compression she has been given a corset for her wardrobe as well.   

 She looks really uncomfortable in it but it’s just foam and she doesn’t mind it that much.  We have noticed that she will cry while we are putting it on but calms down right away and she’s not bothered by it throughout the day.  Like when we started with the spanx, the reflux is worse these days but not terrible.  The omphalocele is pretty interesting because on some days when we take the corset off, the omphalocele looks completely sunken in.  But when Isabelle cries or is upset for whatever reason it just pops back out again.

Due to a scheduling mishap we missed our last cardiology appointment.  So our next update will be in October.  After that the surgeon will assess her again and maybe – just maybe we will schedule a surgery. 

In other news:

She can now roll over

sit on her own 

eat her toes 

She also eats solid foods  

But usually not willingly  

best of all she loves to smile with her tongue sticking out.   

These past six months have just flown by.  This little munchkin surprises me everyday.  Love you baby girl! Now please eat your food.


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