Jammin for Isabelle


Please click here to go to our fundraiser page

Hi everyone, we have decided to do it. We are selling jam as a fundraiser to raise donations for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Now I don’t mean to toot my own (well my husband’s) horn, but this jam is delicious.  As I write this I am dreaming of using the apple cranberry jam as cranberry sauce this year.  And the blackberry sage would taste so good with venison. And the spiced plum … Well just by the spoonful that one is so good. but probably on a charcuterie board would be amaze-balls.  Anyway I guess I can’t eat all our jars of blood sweat and tears since that wouldn’t help anyone, least of all my waistline.  But maybe that would give you some tasty ideas.  These jams would make great Christmas presents, or of course you can hoard it for yourself too! 

For a donation of $9 dollars you can choose  a flavour of your choice, and for $25 dollars we will give you all three.  We hope that you will also feel generous to give a little bit more as well.  In Calgary, I will deliver.  Edmontonian and Vancouverites, I will try to arrange something if there is enough interest.  The rest of the world, sorry it’s too hard to ship.  We would love to receive a donation none the less!  Please click on the fundraiser page for more details.

Please support our fundraiser.  We owe the Children’s Hospital a lot.  It was our home away from home for a little less than a month, and even now we see 3 different clinics there on a regular basis.  Please help us keep the children’s hospital a world class facility. I know we can’t all be PK Subban but we can all do our little part. Lots of love and thanks in advance for your support! 


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