Body image issues

Izzy had her surgery clinic appointment last week.  Our surgeon is very happy with the progress made with compression.  Everything fits into her torso now and pretty much stays in when she is wearing her corset and spanx.   Our surgeon is now consulting with plastics to see if now would be a good time to do surgery or if we should wait for Izzy to get bigger yet. During Izzy’s closure surgery the surgeon will unravel the muscles on her sides and stretch is as far as he can over her defect.  If the muscles can close together without causing distress, they won’t need to put a gortex mesh in.  If the muscles can’t reach then a gortex mesh will go in.  If gortex is used, then we will have to monitor the recovery and determine whether or not she requires another surgery.  They won’t know until they have her in surgery whether or not there is enough muscle, and this is why Izzy’s surgeon has decided to discuss with plastics whether it is better to wait a while longer for Izzy to get bigger.

I can’t help but laugh that in 8 months of life, Izzy has had her first mesh tube top:  

She has had her first spanx: 

She has had not one but two corsets:   

And now she is waiting for an appointment with the plastic surgeon.  Can we say that since she has gone through all these milestones that she doesn’t have to go through body image issues when she is older? 😜



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