Health care quarterback

Today I listened to an episode of CBC’s White Coat Black Art about the fragile children clinic out of The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  The clinic is for children of complex medical cases and their families.  It is basically a one stop shop for all their medical needs.  One person is assigned to the child and that person plays quarterback by scheduling all the appointments with various health care professionals, makes sure that there are no prescription conflicts etc.  There is a doctor that works for the clinic so the parent can call the clinic to ask quick questions instead of making clinic appointments to various doctors.  They create a medical cheat sheet for emergency rooms.  Emergency triage is streamlined.  The goal is to provide these children with the most streamlined and efficient care possible, and to provide caregivers a system that is straightforward and therefore taking away some of the stress and anxiety associated with trying to care for their child.

I think this is the best thing I have ever heard about and I wish so much that this program was available where we are.  I cannot even tell you how many times we would have an appointment with a different clinic in a week where they all took Isabelle’s weight and they all asked what we were doing about her slow weight gain.  Isabelle has two different prescriptions for omeprazole.  Whenever we have an issue and have to go to emergency I always end up forgetting her binder of information, and then end up not being able to answer all the questions asked.  As our appointments started spreading out it was easier to manage but treading water through the first couple of months was so stressful.  And I know we are a luckier case.  There are children who deal with complex situations for years.

I wonder how it is possible for someone who is not part of the health care system advocate for something like this to be implemented.  I do feel that in the long run a small clinic would save the system time and money from emergency visits, clinic appointments, and escalated incidences.  If anyone knows let me know.


2 thoughts on “Health care quarterback”

    1. Oh yah they mentioned in the podcast that it saved them money cuz these cases weren’t going to emerg and also wasting time going to each specialists’ clinic hours


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