Let’s grab a coffee and catch up

I’m sorry for the lack of updating lately.  It has been nuts over here.  The last three months basically have been non-stop.  It always seems that the second half of the year is crazy busy.  The end of August begins harvesting, fruit picking and canning time.  This year we gave ourselves the extra challenge of “Jammin for Isabelle” our Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation fundraiser.  We made a few mistakes.  We picked small batch recipes so we couldn’t do bigger batches, we picked labour intensive recipes (so much peeling and chopping) and we didn’t make enough.  But after 3 straight weeks of jamming and making applesauce, and then selling to friends, family, coworkers and Addison’s daycare family, Addison raised $2849 for the hospital! This is amazing and proves once again what a strong support system we have.  We are so fortunate for each and every person who has made the effort to show us the care and support.    
October brought Halloween and this year we went as a family of crayons.   Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year because we get to dress up together.  I’m not sure how many more years we will be able to do the family theme costumes, but I am hoping many more.  I don’t know if hubby feels the same way though since he does all the sewing and I’m just the ideas person.   
In November Addison an Isabelle’s aunt and uncle came to visit.  We took them on a quick tour of the mountains.  Being in London for the last couple of years auntie really wanted to see some snow and Albeta  did not disappoint.  We got so much snow we had to forgo our trip to Jasper, but we did get to go to my home town and visit some sights.  It was wonderful to spend time with family and the girls revelled in the extra attention.   
Today is Addison’s third birthday.  We decided to go to 4cats studio for her birthday this year so that we would have to do less work decorating and cleaning our house.   Addison had a great time with her friends and made a sad princess.  She insisted the princess be sad.  Addison lately has been obsessed with sadness.  Her favorite character from Inside Out is Sadness.  She made a sad princess.  She asked me to draw tears down Hello Kitty’s face.  Each time I ask why these characters are so sad she says “because she lost her mommy”.  I am not sure why this is such a preoccupation for her.  It feels to me whenever I try to talk to her about it that she isn’t really understanding my questions. I try to reassure her that I am here and not going any where.  Hopefully this is just a phase.  With one girl already seeing a plastic surgeon, another girl with deep emotional feelings seems all too grown up for me šŸ˜‰.   

Through these last three months, Isabelle’s care has basically been steady as she goes.  She is still tiny, barely over 12 pounds.  But she is growing along her curve well.  She eats a pretty wide range of foods, mostly served with a large dose of whine but I will take it.  She is on a high fat diet so if you see me with my 9 month old who is the size of a 4 month old feeding her veggie chips in public, please don’t judge.  We’ve been given these instructions.  I actually hate it too.  All the butter makes her extra greasy, the veggie chips makes her mouth and thus my nipple oily and the cheese makes her spit up smell rancid.  But she eats and grows and so I’m happy.   

The major news on the omph front is that the omph is not going away anytime soon. Isabelle was assessed by plastics and they want to wait longer to let her grow more muscle before they attempt closure surgery.  Underneath the skin, the defect is still quite large.  The defect itself probably does not change size very much but everything else will grow so when she is bigger, there will be more muscle to stretch and cover the defect.  If we go in earlier, there is a bigger chance that gortex mesh would need to be used, which would increase the risk of infection and also increase the possibility of needing subsequent surgery.  The doctors are also happy with how well she functions with the omph so they are happy to wait. I am pretty torn about this but am trying to see the bright side as well. For one thing I have grown quite attached to the squigyness of her omph, and giving her kisses and wagching Izzy squeeze and hold it makes me smile and laugh.  We also now avoid having Izzy in the hospital recovering during flu season. Not having to cancel holiday plans and celebrate Christmas in the hospital is an added bonus. Of course most importantly is that there would be better success if we wait and if there is no hurry then that’s the best course of action.   

  Now that the holiday season is upon us, we are busier than ever.  I think we have something going on every single weekend until Christmas already. Not that I’m complaining, I love the holiday season.  And the first for this munchkin so it’s extra special. 

I am going to try to get back on track with the blogging but I can’t see being too successful at this point. There is such a noticable difference on an available time standpoint pre and post second kid.  And since Izzy is doing well and her appointments have spread out, there isn’t that much to report on.  In the meantime, happy holidays!  



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