New Year, New Routine, New Normal

As 2015 comes to a close and 2016 begins, I wanted to take some time to catch everyone up with our lives.  It has been incredibly busy over the last few months, my husband would like to point out most of it is my doing.  The new year will bring with it some changes to our lives that will take some time getting used to.  There is so much to reflect upon and look forward to.  

As usual this Christmas season was filled with friends and food.  We partook in there annual Christmas Brunch at heritage park with our good friends and took in some shopping.  We had a great time in Edmonton with our friends and all the little kids.  This year the count is up to 16! We also had a great hot pot with friends and finished off with a smoked turkey on Christmas Day.  

we decided to go full throttle crafting mode this holiday.  My friend and I made the girls matching pajamas,  hubby made our pants and Mochi even got a scarf.  

 I made Addy and Izzy a Miffy each, and also a tree advent calendar.  We also did a small batch of jam and made some small gifts as well.

As I type this we are also bottling up our wine that we started a year ago.  Phew! Reading that is exhausting.  Not sure how, since November is usually really busy as well, but I think we need to start earlier next year.  I’m pretty sure my husband is over crafting but we still have some projects to get done in the new year.  Shh don’t tell him. 

As the new year arrives there will be quite a few changes in our family.  The biggest change will be that I am going back to work.  My dad has come down to help us look after Izzy until she turns one.  I am really torn about this transition.  Initially I wanted to take 18 months to be with Izzy especially since we thought she would be getting surgery at 12 months.  But based on what is best for the family and, if I am completely honest, my own sanity, I will actually be going back after 10 months on maternity leave.  I’ve had a lot of anxiety over this because Isabelle will still have a lot of appointments, and because I have never been away from her for long.  But watching her thrive under gong gong’s care has really put me at ease. 

At her last appointment, Isabelle’s Physio therapist said she needs to work more on her transitions – sitting up by herself, going from standing to sitting, sitting to lying down.  At 10 months old she still can’t do most of those things, and the ones she does know how to, she basically refuses.  But with the exercises we have been doing she has made great improvements.  I also have to remember that baby milestones don’t occur linearly, but more in fits and bursts.  I am very happy with her progress she has made in the last week or so, and I look forward to all her milestones in 2016.

2015 has been so hard and so rewarding all at once.  2015 saw us at the NICU for a month.  Saw us going to the hospital multiple times.  Saw our 2 year old turn 3.  Isabelle came into our lives this year and nothing has been the same since.  We have come a long way, our kiddos are happy and healthy.  We have grown so much closer as a family, and yet we are like every single regular family.  Our girls fight over toys.  We struggled with time management. Looking back a year it is hard to imagine we would be here, that our lives would be so normal.  I think for me to say that we have come leaps and bounds.

2016 promises to be yet another big year.  Addison starts her first ever un- parented swimming class.  Isabelle may or may not have surgery.  Balancing work and Isabelle’s care will be a challenge.  As will sending that munchkin to daycare.  I don’t have too many resolutions this year – I just want us to make it through.  But I do have a couple.  I resolve that we will be gentle and kind to each other, trying especially hard in the most frustrating times.  I resolve to continue remembering that my family is a normal family, that we will have ups and downs but will make it through strong.  I believe that 2016 will be bright and amazing.  

Thank you for all your love and support through this past year.  You all lift us up so that we can achieve the best for our family.  Wishing all of you a happy and fufilling new year! 


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